Are you starting a new business in 2020?

20 Jan 20

Is this one of your New Year resolutions? Perhaps the one at the top of your list. Good idea. It gives you freedom!

Christmas in full flow at Jolliffe Cork

17 Dec 19

The day started with some of the team being inspired to turn their talents to creating a Christmas wreath.

Record breaking shoebox appeal

18 Nov 19

The staff at Jolliffe Cork has smashed their record for filling shoeboxes with Christmas gifts for children in the more deprived parts of the world.

Is your email inbox driving you mad?

06 Nov 19

For many professionals and people in business, the answer is a resounding yes!

Why Businesses Fail

17 Oct 19

“Always break up a winning team”. The words of Bill Shankly, the revered Liverpool manager of the 1960s. The same applies in business - how many Footsie 250 companies of 50 years ago are still around today?

The end of the (financial) world is nigh

17 Sep 19

Where we were exactly 10 years ago and where we are now

Cash is King

15 Jul 19

All businesses fail for the same reason - they run out of cash. This article won't guarantee it won't happen to you but it will give you a much better chance of surviving what is called the "scourge of late payments".

Biggest Business Myths

17 Jun 19

Which ones haven’t you recognised yet?

How much is my company worth?

14 May 19

Or how to save yourself £20,000 by reading this

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