Meet Brian, our tax manager.

Brian was born in Ayrshire in Scotland and moved to Yorkshire aged 3. He has worked in tax for over 20 years, with the last 12 years at Jolliffe Cork where he was appointed Tax Manager in 2012.

Brian has always had a head for figures and problem-solving. His strong work ethic was instilled in him from a young age by his mum. He says, “if we wanted pocket money we had to earn it!”

He first began working at the age of 12 with jobs including a paper round, gardening for elderly neighbours, shop work and lifeguarding.

Brian is an avid snowboarder. He spends a week on the slopes every year (usually in Austria) and absolutely loves it. He also plays pool for his local team. He and his partner Leah have 4 children, including Theodore who is just 2 months old, so the majority of time outside of work is spent enjoying family time.

He studied accounting and economics in higher education. His first full-time job was in The Selby branch of Yorkshire Bank.

He got involved with tax by accident. In 1997 he heard about a role at Garbutt and Elliott as an accountancy trainee from his younger sister who was working for them as tax trainee at the time. 1996/97 was the first year of Self-Assessment and, as the new kid on the block, he was drafted into the tax department to assist in tax return preparation. He realised that he enjoyed the tax work far more than auditing and preparing accounts. Brian then worked for Garbutt & Elliott for 9 years, studying for and passing both accounting and tax qualifications during that time.

The opportunity to move into Jolliffe Cork was too good to turn down as it offered the chance to move away from a purely personal tax role and take a more holistic view to tax planning, which he really enjoys.

Brian advises owner-managed businesses, individuals and trusts on all business and personal tax compliance matters, remuneration structures, succession planning, company re-organisations and family wealth planning.

Together with Danielle, they manage the tax team at Jolliffe Cork. The team of 8 have a wealth of experience between them and really strong technical expertise. 

They provide advice on the tax implications on various transactions. Brian said: “Working in accountancy and tax isn’t just all figures and calculations as many people think. It’s much more about being able to provide clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions, to give them the opportunity to structure their affairs as tax efficiently as possible and ensure they are prepared for the inevitable tax liabilities that come when you are successful in business.”

One of the things Brian enjoys most about his role is talking to his clients. He says:

“Emails, correspondence, form filling and number crunching is all very much part of what we do, however, the most enjoyable aspect is always talking with our clients. Whether it be in a meeting or over the phone, talking through their plans, answering their questions, offering support, allaying their fears, solving their problems or just sharing the burden, it is by far the most satisfying part of my job.”