Charities and not for profit

We believe that as part of the local business community – Jolliffe Cork have been providing business services to clients in West Yorkshire for over 50 years – then you ought to put something back into that community, not just take from it. As a result, we act for many local charities varying considerably in size, nature of activity and legal structure.

For those becoming involved with charitable organisations, motivation comes from a variety of sources – personal factors, early retirees with time and skill to offer, a sense of wanting to put something back into the community – but on their own, this is not enough. Today, charities have to be professionally managed and administered if they are to be:

  • Commercially successful in order to support their cause
  • Compliant with the latest legislation

This prompts the need for all sorts of specialist advice – tax, accounts (the Charities SORP), audit, VAT, trading activities – as well as other matters specific to individual charitable activities.

Services to Charities and Not for Profit organisations

  • Accounts preparation in accordance with the Charities SORP
  • Audit
  • VAT
  • Taxation and Charities
  • Trading activities
  • Payroll
  • Company secretarial services
  • Independent examination report
  • Book-keeping
  • Business support