Overseas Companies

Operating in the UK

We provide a full range of accountancy, audit and taxation services for the UK subsidiaries of overseas holding companies all over the world.

In many cases, we work in conjunction with the major international accountancy practices who deal with the group’s affairs from an overseas head office. In the UK, however, the subsidiary’s needs are help at a more practical level with such matters as book-keeping, monthly accounts preparation, VAT returns and payroll, all at a much more cost effective price than the international accountancy practices can offer.

We also provide guidance on such matters as:

  • Employment law
  • Legal matters
  • Health & safety

by referring our clients to our network of trusted contacts who specialise in such areas.

Operating overseas

We also assist our UK clients who engage in international trade and as a long established practice, we have built up extensive links in many of the most popular trading destinations. If we can’t solve a client’s problem directly ourselves, for example because it involves specialist local tax or legal knowledge, we can invariably put them in touch with a local organisation that can.