“An Englishman’s home is his castle” as the saying goes and property occupies a position of considerable importance in the British psyche.

  • Ownership of own home
  • The growth of the buy to let market
  • Property and pension schemes
  • The rollercoaster ride of commercial property

On top of that, property occupies an unusual niche in UK law in that numerous aspects of it are exclusively the preserve of the legal profession.

And finally, the interaction of property transactions with the complex world of VAT has the capacity to produce outcomes that can be far from obvious or even downright counter-intuitive. Expensive mistakes abound even where innocent errors are made.

We can help you navigate through the numerous obstacles whether you are buying, selling or developing property with particular reference to:

  • VAT planning, including the option to tax
  • CGT planning
  • Capital allowances planning
  • IHT planning
  • Funding the transaction
  • Corporate tax considerations generally
  • Pension scheme planning