The process of preparing your year end accounts need not be a chore. Whether you use accounting software or simply have a bag of books, our friendly and down to earth team are on hand to transform your records in to a set of accounts which are a valuable tool for understanding your business and planning for the future.

The journey doesn’t end there, as one of our experienced partners will then sit down with you and go through the accounts, line by line, to help you become more profitable and grow your business. We can also help you extract these profits in the most efficient way with our remuneration planning service.

Even the smallest companies have been affected by the introduction of new UK GAAP and in particular FRS 102, which has greatly increased the complexity of the accounting disclosures required in accounts, as well as the options available in preparing and filing accounts. Our experts can guide you through all these changes and identify the options that suit you best.

If you would prefer to have this level of support on a more regular basis, why not take a look at Jolliffe Business Solutions.