Business support

“Change before you have to” are the slightly chilling words from Jack Welch, one of the most successful businessmen of modern times, who expanded GE Capital over tenfold as its CEO.

He realised that the business environment today is characterised by constant change. It is fast moving, complex and highly competitive. Those people who run businesses are obliged to devote most of their energy to the key decisions that determine whether or not a business succeeds and prospers.

The full or partial outsourcing of a number of business functions – accounting, payroll, HR and others – has been a natural consequence of the demands placed on business men and women.

Jolliffe Business Solutions

Jolliffe Business Solutions is a specialist sister company established to provide business support and development in the following areas:

  • Management accounts preparation
  • Systems advice
  • Training services on implementing a new accounting system
  • Regular advice and support

Our members of staff are highly trained and are experts in providing the above services. No matter how big or small your accounting support requirement may be, we can provide the solution for your needs.

See Jolliffe Business Solutions for full details.