Company secretarial

Our company secretarial department offers a full range of skills and expertise in company secretarial practice designed to keep you up to date with current legislation, including:

Company formation

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

This includes the necessary board minutes and Companies House forms and documents including Memorandum and Articles of Association and Limited Liability Partnership Agreements.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

From time to time these documents need updating to comply with changes in the legislation, such as the Companies Act 2006, or to deal with changed circumstances of the company. We can deal with these changes together with the resolutions needed to adopt them.

Company changes

These include: a change of company name, the registered office, directors and company secretary. We can deal with the Companies House forms involved and the procedures to put the changes into effect.

  • Restructuring the company share capital
  • Share Transfer (including stamping by HMRC if required)
  • Share Issue (also Bonus/Share issue)
  • Share Re-classification and variation of Class Rights
  • Share Redemption
  • Purchase of own shares by a company
  • Share Reduction

Including the preparation of all board minutes, resolutions and filing forms at Companies House

Striking off and restoration of companies

When a company is no longer required, we can advise on the procedures to ensure that all the remaining assets and liabilities are properly disposed of and the strict procedures laid down by Companies House are followed. Occasionally, where the Registrar of Companies has struck a company off (typically because the company has not replied to letters from the Registrar) we can deal with the documentation to restore the company back into existence.

Maintain statutory records

We use IRIS Company Secretary software for the purposes of keeping and maintaining all statutory records for client companies. The same software is used to produce all relevant documentation for any changes authorised by the directors required to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act. We electronically file all documents except in certain cases where the documents are required to be physically filed with the Registrar of Companies.

For further details of our company secretarial services contact:

Annette Stogden
Tel: 01924 376045